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How does the gameplay flow?

The game is pure PvP (with some PvE in the form of world events) takes place in an open world persistent universe, and supports various game play modes documented in the game docs.

Players start off as an infantry marine for either the Terran Military (Galactic Command) or Terran Insurgents, with a choice of character class, weapons etc.

During the course of the game, players engage in various activities as infantry, with access to various air, land, sea, and space combat assets, including specific game modes called World Events.


  • start as infantry combatant deployed to a planetary base (e.g. Heatwave)
  • fight some guys (or NPC androids in a world event)
  • grab a fighter or shuttle, do some aerial combat, jump to another planetary base (e.g. Frostbite)
  • exit craft, do some infantry combat, grab a fighter and go to space
  • do some space combat, dock at a station or carrier, exit the craft in infantry mode
  • do some infantry combat inside the station or carrier
  • use an HAIS-MK2 device to drop launch to the planet below via an airlock. your space craft is still docked at the station or carrier
  • back on the planet, do what the hell you want, grab a vehicle, do some mayhem etc
  • use a DJP to go from one planetary scene to the other, then jetpack to the top of a building and snipe fools from atop
  • jetpack off the building and onto an airborne aircraft, wait for it to gain altitude, then do wingsuit drop behind enemy lines
  • use a DJP to go from the planet, back to the station/carrier, go to the airlock, board your fighter, join the battle


The game features a large connected world. Below is a quick run that takes you through each of the thirteen scenes.

The game docs are available in-game, but you should probably print the online versions as well.

WARNING: All space and planetary defense systems are active, and unless they have been re-programmed (see p16 of quick help) by other players, by default they will engage all detected targets.

  1. Create a character as normal. Note that your account type (Starter Kit or Tactical Advantage Kit) determines your deployment location options. More info here.

  2. Deploy from the Starguard carrier which has three massive decks. You can go to each one using the t-shafts (see p6 of quick help) located there.

  3. Use a DJP (see p6 of quick help) on one of the Starguard decks to go to the Arkangel station.

  4. Use a DJP on Arkangel to go to Vanguard station.

  5. Use a DJP on Vanguard to go to Templar station.

  6. Use a DJP on Templar to go to Overwatch station.

  7. Use a Tacops terminal (see p13 of quick help) at Overwatch and spawn a space craft. This launches you into the Zilon space scene.

  8. Use a jumpgate (see p6 of quick help) in Zilon and jump to Sygan space region.

  9. Use a jumpgate in Sygan and jump to Lennen space region.

  10. Use a jumpgate in Lennen and jump to Lyrius space region.

  11. Dock (see p15 of the quick help) at the Arkangel station.

  12. Go to the airlock (see in-game map, M) and grab an HAIS suit. Use (see p8 of quick help) the suit to drop-launch from orbit to a location on the Heatwave starbase below.

  13. Use (see p7 of quick help) your jetpack (if you have one) to get around Heatwave faster.

  14. Use a Tacops terminal (see in-game map, M) to obtain an aircraft. Fly around, then use a jumpgate to Frostbite starbase.

    NOTE: Later when player controlled vehicles and M.I.C.E units are unlocked (upcoming build), you can use also use them to get around.

  15. Complete your exploration, then in an aircraft, use a jumpgate to Nightbridge starbase; then later go to Gulge starbase from there.

  16. Use a jumpgate to fly from Gulge (or from whatever starbase you are on) back to Lyrius space.

  17. Use a jumpgate to fly from Lyrius space back to one of the starbases on the Lyrius planet below.

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