We are putting in the final touches to this MASSIVE update before making it a wide release. Some final touches (e.g. aircraft shield settings aren’t active in all aircraft, only the Aurora) still remain; along with some annoying bugs we want to fix (not all of them) for this release.

If you have access to DSS, then you can download the build right now!

NOTE: The game docs have NOT been updated; but will be for the final release. So you will need to read the changelog for operation of the latest features.




DSS UPDATE 16-07-02

There was a minor update pushed to DSS last night and which fixes an issue with obtaining aircraft without cockpits.

Also, since DSS is not a public-wide release, we’re not going to be adding known issues to the known issues tracking page.

Instead, please continue to use the ticket system to report issues. Be sure to add the DSS and build number to the ticket subject. e.g. dss v00.09.06.07 – Aircraft Problems


  • Obtaining any aircraft without a 3D cockpit would cause UI issues
  • Issues with infantry UI being displayed in cockpit UI (mode2, mode3)
  • Using a jumpgate and selecting the current scene as destination will cause a crash
  • Only the Aurora shield FX are active. This is not a bug. The other aircraft with shield support were not exported in time for this DSS build.

The current plan is to fix these and any other minor issues in this DSS release, along with some of the ones in the current public build, and hopefully do an official release by Friday.

We will NOT be doing a free-play weekend at this time. The Starter Kit is still only $9.99 and gets you into the game, with access to all aspects of the game.

Dev Update


The upcoming major update (aircraft unlocks!) is in the final stages of internal testing; though it is highly unlikely that it will release this week because we have some things yet to fully test.

Also, we found a game-breaking bug which needs to be researched and fixed.

Plus, the new animations for the new character models were recently completed and targeted to go into this build as well. They too need to be tested now.

In the meantime, the changelog has been updated to reflect this upcoming build.

Make no mistake, many months in the making, this is a MAJOR update.

Also some albums of recent shots (more to come) are up.


Dev Update


The major update (aircraft unlocks!) is coming along nicely.

Checkout the changelog to see what’s coming in the .07 update due out hopefully first week in February.

The build also contains quite a bit of tweaks, fixes and optimizations. Some of which are still in testing and which will be added to the changelog ahead of the final release.

Here are some shots from the space scene showing the three aircraft cockpit modes.




Dev Update


Hey Everyone,

Welcome back!

Just a quick update to let you folks know that we’re hard at work wrapping up and testing the upcoming major update. The air/space craft unlocks.

Though we had player controlled air/space craft working years ago, a lot of internal engine revisions and tweaks were made since then, and which we needed to go back and revisit. Some of which, naturally, required revisions and further testing.

The changelog is being updated regularly to reflect what is coming in this update. A few more items will be finalized by the time the update is released.

We’re still shooting to release this update within the next two weeks or thereabouts.

In the meantime, we have released some new screen shots from this build as well. More coming soon.

State Of Play / Holiday Break



We’ve been hard at work wrapping up and testing the upcoming major update (aircraft!).

It’s been a lot of work getting all the connected pieces working together, even though most of this stuff was done several months (we had aircraft working since 2012) ago. A lot of fine tuning, account related items, graphics revisions, networking and updates etc all needed to be done, tested, tweaked etc.

We also keep adding new assets as mentioned in the last State Of Play blog. In this regard, several of the character model revisions have been done and implemented. We’re still working through those (characters, weapons, 3D cockpits) in parallel. We also replaced all the space environments with higher visual fidelity assets, including new volumetric effects.

To that end, we won’t be doing another release this month as we are going to break for the holidays. This means that the first build of 2016, will be a pretty substantial one and I think will be a good way to start off the New Year.


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