Build Released

Build Released


Full changelog (including a list of known issues)


We added some new screen shots showing some of the new features in this build.


The three limited time tiers (Commander, Ambassador, Emissary) which went live in Sept 2014 when the product was first launched in Early Access, have been discontinued as of Mar 27th.

Now you can only purchase one of the four Tactical Advancement Kit tiers which the final game release will have.

During Early Access, any Tactical Advantage Kit tier that you have, gives you access to everything that we release between now and the game’s final release.

After we release the final game, items that your tier does not come with, will be removed. e.g. all TAK tiers currently have a wingsuit/wingchute for testing purposes. After the game is released, those with TAK Level 1 tiers will no longer have access to these items since they are not part of the tier bundle.

Note that the Starter Kits are free when the final game launches later this year. Until then, we periodically give away these keys in order to bring more people in to help us test certain aspects of this massive game, without them having to pay for a tier. This is what we did in March in order to test those tiers. You can read the results in this state of play dev update.

Later on when we enable the in-game store, anyone will be able to buy single items as-needed, even if you don’t purchase one of the game’s bundled tiers.


They are coming! More info in this State Of Play update.

New Screenshots


Though there is no public build today, we have released new screenshots from the current build. Enjoy!

Release Update


Due to some minor changes in the dev schedule, there won’t be a build release this week. We are still working on the build to be released in the coming weeks.

You can find out more in this State Of Play update.

Build Released


Full changelog (including a list of known issues)

Release Update


We are going to be releasing Build later today. It is a minor incremental update, as we work toward completing the weapons, then move on full speed ahead to vehicle and aircraft unlocks.

At this point, all the scenes (space and planets), as well as the majority of the weapons and attachments have been unlocked and undergoing testing. The rocket and grenade launchers, along with the two (laser marker, target designator) weapon attachments, throwing knives, mines, and grenades, are coming in the next builds.

We’ve had some delays in implementing the Tactical Assault Bikes (TAB) dynamics (it hovers btw), which is why we haven’t unlocked it for testing yet. Hopefully they will be in next week’s build, as the first of the incoming vehicle unlocks.

Closed Beta Test Sign-Ups

The Closed Beta Test sign-up page is live once again, and will be until Tues, June 9th @ 2PM EST.

Sign-up for a chance to get a free Starter Kit which will give you immediate access to the game.

UPDATE: We ran into some problems with decals and the FX for the shot tracers. So we’ve disabled those attachments in this build.