Beta Applicant Keys Processed

Beta Applicant Keys Processed

As mentioned in a previous notice, we have been working on creating a system which would handle the fulfillment of Beta keys. We completed this and yesterday we sent out a batch of TAK L1 keys to the lucky ones who signed up for the Beta through our website when we first enabled that back in 2012.

If you previously applied through the Beta program and you were selected, you would have received an email with the key and instructions. You should probably check your spam filter as well, just in case you did get one.

This selection, from over twenty-five thousand applicants, was done randomly. So if you didn’t get a key, it just means that the program didn’t send one out to you.

However, you can still get in on the action by either purchasing one of the Early Access tiers available between now and the end of the year. Or you can wait until the game is released (in late Q1/15) and then purchase one of the Tactical Advancement Kits.