Beta Applicants

Beta Applicants

Some of you signed-up for the Beta here on our website when we were going to run the Beta program by ourselves. And by some I mean, over twenty-five thousand!

The Beta sign-up was closed a few months back.

Since then, we decided to use Steam’s Early Access program to launch the test program. Doing so, not only saves us a lot of work, resources and expenses, but it also allows us to focus test the game to a dedicated fan base.

To this end, now that the Early Access release is live on Steam, we want you to know that we haven’t forgotten about you folks who signed up since the Beta program went live back in 2012.

To that end, starting next week and at the end of each month until end of this year, we will be giving a few lucky (random pick) folks a free Tactical Advancement Kit Level 1 Steam key.

If you don’t receive an email (the one you signed up with for the Beta) notice about receiving a key between Sept 30th, 2014 to Dec 30th, 2014, then unfortunately you weren’t picked and won’t be receiving a free Steam key.

Note that since all of these tiers (Early Access and TAK) are account specific, you can still buy the Early Access tier (currently on 50% discount until Sept 16th) if you wanted to. And if you do get a free TAK L1, both can be added to your account and you will get the items from both tiers.

As we have done in the past, we will also be giving away free TAK L1 keys on social media (Twitter, Facebook) at random times starting next week. So if you don’t already follow the game on Twitter or have not liked it on Facebook, now would be a good time to do that if you want the chance to get a free Steam key.