Beta Applicants

Beta Applicants


Some of you signed-up for the Beta here on our website when we were going to run the Beta program by ourselves. And by some I mean, over twenty-five thousand!

The Beta sign-up was closed a few months back.

Since then, we decided to use Steam’s Early Access program to launch the test program. Doing so, not only saves us a lot of work, resources and expenses, but it also allows us to focus test the game to a dedicated fan base.

To this end, now that the Early Access release is live on Steam, we want you to know that we haven’t forgotten about you folks who signed up since the Beta program went live back in 2012.

To that end, starting next week and at the end of each month until end of this year, we will be giving a few lucky (random pick) folks a free Tactical Advancement Kit Level 1 Steam key.

If you don’t receive an email (the one you signed up with for the Beta) notice about receiving a key between Sept 30th, 2014 to Dec 30th, 2014, then unfortunately you weren’t picked and won’t be receiving a free Steam key.

Note that since all of these tiers (Early Access and TAK) are account specific, you can still buy the Early Access tier (currently on 50% discount until Sept 16th) if you wanted to. And if you do get a free TAK L1, both can be added to your account and you will get the items from both tiers.

As we have done in the past, we will also be giving away free TAK L1 keys on social media (Twitter, Facebook) at random times starting next week. So if you don’t already follow the game on Twitter or have not liked it on Facebook, now would be a good time to do that if you want the chance to get a free Steam key.

Steam Early Access Is Here!


After some delay while we create new Early Access tiers, work through the kinks, last minute tweaks etc, the game is finally going live on Steam Early Access.

At some point today, it will be available to pre-purchase and pre-load at a 50% discount for all three Early Access tiers (Commander ($99.99), Ambassador ($69.99), Emissary ($39.99)). This one-time only discount will run from today, Wed, Sept 10th through to 10AM PST on Mon, Sept 16th.

The game is going live (playable) on Tue, Sept 16th. At which time if you already pre-purchased and pre-loaded the game, you will be able to join a server and get going.

It is very – very – important that BEFORE you buy any tier, that you please read our Early Access FAQ in order to get a better understanding of what this is about and what we’re doing. This FAQ text is identical to what you will see on the game’s Steam page as well once it goes live.

Steam Store Link (all tiers)

These important FAQ pages have also been recently updated:

What are the system requirements?
Is there a monthly fee to play?
How does the finance system work?
What is Early Access?
What are Tactical Advancement Kits?
What are Commander Perks?

If you haven’t done so already, please follow us on Twitter in order to keep up with upcoming important announcements!

Line Of Defense Digital Comic Issue 2 Released!


You can find it on ComiXology for all your digital devices or in JPG (low res) and PDF format over here.

Early Access Delay. New Tiers Available


We were on schedule to launch the Steam Early Access last week but still found some issues to resolve and address. So it is delayed by about two weeks or so.

Sure it is a Beta product now and bugs are a large part of that. However, there were some show-stopping bugs and other missing things (e.g. we have to plug into Steam’s backend services in order to properly handle game and item entitlements) that we wanted to see working properly before the launch. Especially given how, some gamers, despite knowing what the words “bug”, “beta” and “testing” actually mean, tend to ignore all that and just rage on anyway.

To that end, we’re looking to launch around the middle of the month. All things being equal.

Now for the good news.

If you read the commentary about the Early Access pricing when it was announced, then you already know that a lot of people simply didn’t “get” why the Early Access was priced the way that it was. Nothing in this regard has changed. We are still looking for quality, dedicated, hard-core gamers who are going to look into every nook and cranny and into every facet of this massive game and let us know – with meaningful feedback – what we are missing and/or what we can do to make it better for all.

What has changed however is that given the vast scope of the game and its universe, as well as the many options, in a bid to appease almost everyone, we were able to add two additional Early Access tiers for a total of three. So the tiers are now Commander ($99.99), Ambassador ($69.99) and Emissary ($39.99).

Each of these tiers contains items which you will own (see the aforementioned entitlement issues) for the life of the game. Even when you use up all the consumables (bullets, grenades etc), when we do the game reset prior to going live, all the items will automagically reappear in your account as they were when you first entered the Early Access program.

The Early Access program is still considered “gated” access in that you have to, you know, spend money if you want to get in early and be a part of the staggered (which means that features, assets, world areas etc are released over time so that they can be focus tested without overwhelming players – it is a massive game) testing leading up to the game’s official release later this year.

It is IMPORTANT to note that these Early Access tier bundles will not exist in the final game because they are not bundled commodities available for sale within the game’s item shop. They were put together as a reward and incentive for joining the program. So once the Early Access program ends, if you didn’t pre-purchase one of these tiers, you won’t have access to those bundles (which are priced at up to 75% off btw) and so will have to be purchased individually.

Also, the unique items (TAB MX1B vehicle, Jetpack MK1B, Portable Supply Pack, Wingsuit/Wingchute SC spec, Special Ops ribbon) as well as the Commander Perks bundles, are exclusive to the Early Access program and will not be available for sale (as bundles) in the final game. They were created, bundled and implemented specifically for Early Access.

Once the game launches, the only bundles which will be available for sale, will be the standard Tactical Advancement Kits.

The game – at launch – will still be 100% F2P (Free-To-Play) with no purchase necessary and no monthly subscription fees. Of course, you can obtain items and stuff during gameplay as well as by purchasing them using in-game currency or real money. Don’t worry, we’re not going to Nickel and Dime gamers like those other guys. Why? Well because we don’t need to.

So that’s pretty much it. We look forward to seeing you in the game shortly.

Women In Line Of Defense


A few weeks ago, in my bid to continue supporting women in games, I commissioned the creation of two playable female characters for the game. Those characters are now completed for your gaming pleasure.

On the GALCOM military side of the fence, we have a skilled Elite Force Pilot, callsigned “Paige”, sporting the compact, yet deadly XN32 assault rifle.

On the Insurgent side, we have the sniper class covert operative, “Nayla”, carrying the deadly DTR4A sniper rifle, weapon of choice for the deadliest killer.

Despite the fact that a bunch of crazy dudes are going to be playing these two female characters, if nothing else, I hope that it encourages our female players to pick a female character, rather than having to continuously suspend belief and play as some dude.