Line Of Defense MMO For Xbox One

Line Of Defense MMO For Xbox One


We have received final approval from Microsoft. The game is coming to the Xbox One console via the ID@Xbox program.

More details coming soon!

Status Update


Just a quick word to let you all know that we’re putting the final touches on the upcoming Phase 1 infantry combat engagement.

This upcoming update will focus test a class of weapons (assault rifles, pistols, knives) as well as hand-to-hand melee combat.

Player kills as well as Combat Experience Point scoring along with death/respawn, kit selection etc will all be released for testing before we move on to Phase 2 (similar, but with different class of weapons).

We have planned out all infantry combat to be released in a total of four test phases. After which we move onto inventory items and finally aircraft and vehicle unlock and testing.

Build Released


Full changelog (including a list of known issues).

Build Released


Full changelog (including a list of known issues).

We also added some new screen shots to our media page. You can see those and other user created ones on the Steam discussion forums.

Line Of Defense Tactics 1.03


Line Of Defense Tactics has been released. Changelog.

This is mostly a maintenance update with bug fixes and some tweaks.

It also marks the first release of the Windows 8.1 marketplace and Windows Phone 8 store versions. The WIN8.1 version brings a touch enabled version to Windows 8 devices (e.g the Surface).

By popular request, for iOS we also created a new paid version called Prime. The website (see above link) now contains a handy chart which shows the various platform releases.

We are now also working to bring the game to both the XBOX ONE and PS4 consoles for release in the early part of next year. We will release more info on this as things move along.