Starter Kits Now Available

Starter Kits Now Available


As the game is now in CBT, you can no longer purchase it on Steam until we hit our next testing phase. However, our Digital River store page still has some Starter Kit Steam keys available.

Internal Builds Now On Steam BETA


You can now access internal dev builds via Steam BETA. See the DSS page for more info.

Build Live On DSS


We’re still working through some issues detected during our pre-deployment smoke test. Since the next patch after this one is a major patch which focuses on the AI controlled defense systems, we want this public build to be as stable as possible, so that we don’t have to release another out-of-band update. Hopefully we can get this patch out early next week.


Check the known issues page for the list of fixes in this release. Also check the changelog for other changes.

If you have access to DSS, then you can download the build right now!


Also US-WEST-01 cluster has been taken offline for maintenance/upgrade.

Please select the other server cluster when you login to the public game (BUILD

State Of Play


We’re gearing up for the first set of GEN 7 updates which include more bug fixes, lots of tweaks, cleanup etc and the groundwork for enabling the weapon systems on the carrier and stations.

The known issues page has been updated with recent bugs we’re tracking and the changelog has been updated with the latest items coming soon.

With the new character models already completed and in the previous updates, the weapons (we’re redoing all of them) updates are also in full swing; and will start being added to GEN 7 patches going forward. The M117 combat rifle is coming up next.

There is also a new dev blog in the works which gives more updates on the development, recent decisions made for the project etc. It will be out later this month.

Build Released



We have done some MAJOR changes to the networking kernel to make things better, smoother etc. There may be some additional tweaks needed as things move along.

We also fixed a slew of bugs, and made several tweaks.

This concludes our GEN6 builds.

We are now moving into our GEN7 builds starting with the next build. If minor patches are needed, we will push those out. Aside from that, the next major GEN7 build is scheduled for sometime in the Summer. The most major part of the first GEN7 build, is a major tweak to the fps mechanics so it feels better, less “floaty” etc.

Also, now that dev is winding down to the last mile, the final roadmap for the game will be posted in the coming weeks. This will help give an idea of what is coming up next, when we expect to do the first public release of the game etc





The in-game docs have been updated for this build.

The in-game quick help has everything you need to get started.

The above versions of the printed docs have also been updated.

The quick start FAQ entry is current.


Though we don’t plan on adding more people to the CBT program, if this changes, we will make an announcement and issue new keys via our CBT website page as before.


If you haven’t read the latest support bulletin, please take a moment to read it because it includes some very important information related to Windows 10, optimizations etc.